OpenShift Serverless

OpenShift Serverless


Serverless computing allows developers to optimize their application usage by executing and billing on application resource consumption. Traditionally, this execution model was offered by cloud providers in a non-portable manner. Today, the serverless paradigm is offered on OpenShift - leveraging the innovation happening in the open source Knative project. This brings a key capability for developers to build portable cloud native applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Serverless computing can power many use cases, including machine learning. Machine learning algorithms build models that can make predictions based on identifying patterns in historical data. Machine learning models can be loaded and executed in a serverless paradigm, bringing the benefits of the serverless execution model to developers seeking to enhance their cloud native applications with machine learning capabilities.

Who should attend

The workshop is ideal for developers, operations professionals, architects and technical managers who are interested in getting hands on and exploring the benefits of using serverless technology. You should be familiar with containers and Kubernetes. No prior experience with Serverless, Functions as a Service, or Machine Learning is required. Concepts as well as demonstrations of those ideas will be presented and explored.

What you will learn

In this full day, hands-on workshop you’ll learn the basics of running serverless applications on Red Hat OpenShift. You will also build a new user experience using serverless and machine learning. You will get hands-on experience with:


Welcome to the workshop!

If you are on-site with us, the instructor will walk you through and kick off each lab. So just hang tight for further instruction.


These labs are built for use with OpenShift Homeroom. On the day of the workshop, you’ll receive access to a dashboard which contains the lab guides, a web terminal, and an embedded web console; so all you need to participate is your browser. If you’d like to review the labs in advance, you can check out the source markdown here.

(if you are a workshop instructor, you can order this workshop from RHPDS)